Inveraray Highland Games

Inveraray Pipe Band

About the Pipe Band

Formed by Pipe Major Stuart Liddell in 2005 the band started in the Novice Juvenile Grade and made rapid progress from Novice to Juvenile to Grade 2 winning the World Championships in each grade – 2007 (Novice), 2008 (Juvenile) and 2009 (Grade 2). They were promoted to Grade 1 in 2010 and managed to get into the prize list (top 6 bands) that year finishing 5th at Cowal. From 2011 till 2013 they were very consistent finishing in the prize list on most occasions. The highlight of 2013 however was their pre-Words “Ascension” concert in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow which was sold out in record time. A double CD was made of the concert which can still be downloaded from the band’s website at

In 2014 the band won its first major contest at the top grade winning the European Championships less than 10 years since they were formed. This was followed up with more major successes in 2015 and 2016. The 2017 season saw the band achieve the pinnacle by winning the World Championships in Glasgow. The band continued to be successful in 2018, being in the prize list in every contest, winning the European Championships and coming second at the Worlds.

The 2018 season was another good one for the band being placed in all of the majors and coming second at the Worlds.

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